This Monday’s episode Raquelle and Jeff welcome back comic Danny Palumbo (@palumbros) to talk about mostly deeply personal stuff, like our gross pets, why Jeff’s love for black Santa is being bah-humbugged this year and weird (apparently) baths.

We were so excited to have Danny Palumbo back we didn’t have time to get to the mainstream news media topics. Settle in for a very special 100% Filler episode and then leave us a glowing review on Itunes to help keep this podcast FREE. Do it for Freedom, folks.   


  • Hugh Yeman says:

    ! Raquelle, you do all the editing? Yeah, one hour per ten minutes of podcast sounds about right. I mean, I’m an amateur, but I’ve done enough to have a sense of what it takes. Um… fist-bump, I guess. I know how tedious it can get.

    • AdminPOD says:

      Thanks for the mention! Yep, I don’t even take that much stuff out but I have to go through it a few times before posting it.

  • Hugh Yeman says:

    “…We’re sitting on a creative gold mine…”

    Absolutely. That’s been clear from the first episode. I haven’t asked about your circumstances because I don’t want to be boorish, and I respect people’s privacy. But I have been wanting to say that I was sorry to hear about your breakup, because hell, you two were in my ears for a long time, and I had an affection for you as a couple–to the extent that someone you’ve never met can–and that made me sad when I heard. But beyond that… yeah, I guessed from the beginning that you would be spooling out the story over time.

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