On this Monday’s episode hosts Raquelle Jason and Jeff May might have just burned it all down. We certainly made comic Caleb Synan (@calebsynan) very uncomfortable.

Extra long episode. Enjoy it while you can!

Are you comfortable with your significant other going to dinner &/or a movie alone with a member of the opposite sex (same if you're gay) if it is not work related and you are not invited?

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  • James Chatham says:

    Our family just found out my grandpa had a daughter we never knew about after my cousin did 23andMe!

    Also, I hate to be this guy, but it’s actually Frankenhooker’s MONSTER.

    • AdminPOD says:

      This made me laugh on a day I really needed it. (The Frankenhooker joke, not your family’s sexy grandpa tragedy.) Thank you!

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