On this Monday’s episode comic hosts Raquelle Jason and Jeff May welcome very skittish funnyman guest host Dave Waite (@DaveWaiteComedy) to discuss cake as therapy, why Bill Gates has spent over $200 million to turn your poop into ash and how Christmas songs are trying to make you depressed. Plus, what happens when shortsighted idiots scam GoFundMe.

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  • Hugh Yeman says:

    Hey folks. I have two thoughts for Raquelle and one for Jeff.

    1. Raquelle: During the first and/or second episode you said something about it being in your nature to defuse situations. Do you think that your laughter is part of that? I ask because… how do I say this without sounding like I’m maybe an MRA dickhead? Your laughter is like a switch in my brain, and it’s unnerving when I feel it working on me. It’s in the same category of lizard-brain response that made me break down a bathroom door back around 1993 when my two-year-old daughter accidentally locked herself in the bathroom. She started making this keening noise that cut right through every rational though I’d ever had, and switched on this primitive part of me that said CHILD IN DISTRESS. SAVE CHILD. Likewise, there’s something primal that happens when I hear your laughter. It would be difficult for me to be angry or aggressive, or, hell, even to disagree with you, with that in my ears. So I’m curious as to whether that’s part of the reflexive defusing that you referred to.

    2. Raquelle: Why would anyone think rich people have anything to do with pigeons being all over the planet? Birds migrate from one pole to the other all the time, so they don’t need help from anyone to get all over the planet.

    3. Jeff: It’s interesting to hear that “My father made me go cut my own switch” is a thing among African American comics. I know it as an old-timey redneck thing, like something you’d hear on Hee-Haw or some comedian from around WWII.

    • Jeff says:

      It’s for sure still a thing in the South, but taking about it onstage is very common among African American comics. Weird, right?

  • Hugh Yeman says:

    Oh, one more thing. I’m a *huge* fan of “The Little Drummer Boy”. Can’t get enough of it. So admittedly, I’m biased. But give me the opportunity to sway you a little, and to share one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs. This is simultaneously one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and goddamn metal as fuck.

  • AdminPOD says:

    Hi Hugh,
    1. I’m not sure why my laugh causes such a strong “Jodie Foster made me shoot Reagan” type response in you (thanks?), but it’s not part of any diffusion. I have a good time doing the podcast & that sound is how I express joy.
    2. Sorry to correct the corrector, but pigeons are only native to Europe & Asia. That is absolutely how they ended up worldwide. It’s kind of an (mildly) interesting story if you look it up.
    3. I appreciate that you take the time to touch base with us & it is always nice to get your take on stuff.

    • Hugh Yeman says:

      Thanks. Now I’m curious, because It sounds like I’m mistaken in my assumptions about how common it is for birds to fly global distances. I’ll have to do more research.