On this Monday’s KING SIZE show Raquelle & Jeff welcome enchanting comic Lisa Curry (@lisa_curry, @olympianlisacurry) to discuss Ayahuasca, a well-meaning idiot that gets shot through with arrows, the Best and Worst Secret Santa gift ideas and why Trump’s non-existent outrage at the murder of an America-based journalist Jamal Khashoggi should scare the pants off you. Again, it’s mostly filler.

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  • Hugh Yeman says:

    I have an eating disorder, so I always appreciate hearing stories about body dysmorphia, especially coming from a man. I used to be morbidly obese. After I got clean from the sugar and such in 2011, I started seeing the underlying psychological problems—not an uncommon experience for addicts. One time I went to a meeting that focused on body dysmorphia. There were 25 people in that room, and I was the only man. I know it’s a problem for men as well as women, but men aren’t socialized to express such feelings. So while I know this isn’t a show about eating disorders, I just want you to know that you mentioning it at all might make a difference for someone, so thanks.

    • AdminPOD says:

      In my personal experience it’s just as common in men as women. It’s hard for anyone to be objective about their physical appearance, especially if you went from caterpillar to butterfly at some point (most people do). Jeff has PLENTY of flaws, he also has great legs that for some reason his brain cannot see. Men (people) should be able to talk about this, if for no other reason than to understand how their perception does not match up with what everyone else sees when they look at them.