This Monday Raquelle Jason and Jeff May fangirl out over comic guest Caleb Synan (@calebsynan) who drops by to do Christmas up right. We open presents, rank the most popular traditions, movies, songs, gifts, toys and memories. All the poverty of Dickens without the ghosts.

Plus, the perfect presents for parents.

It’s a very special holiday special That’s Good Pod special. Special, people. VERY SPECIAL. Special.

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  • Caleb says:

    Well I’m officially too creeped out to ever listen to another episode of this show. Early morning playing a mobile star wars game on my phone before I get out of bed. Scrolling over some characters… Looking at some of the droids and as I scroll over I stop over a certain black bounty hunter droid just as Raquelle says “IG-88″…. (I realize I sound unbelievably nerdy right now…but I promise I do sports ball stuff too). Literally…THE EXACT SAME TIME. I’m at level 100 weirded out right now. Doesn’t help that this is the only Podcast in my life where I’ve heard my name said a dozen times. Am I dying right now? Is this all a Jacob’s ladder situation?