On this Monday’s episode hosts Raquelle Jason & Jeff May are thrilled to have guest host Danny Palumbo back. The gang is having a jagged comedown from holiday cheer and dives right into clunky suicide prevention tactics, stranger danger at home, our fantasy weapons and what happens when we address the elephant in the room that we were going to marry but now just host a podcast with.

You’ll laugh! We’ll cry! And then we all come out mildly better people.

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  • Caleb O'Donnell says:

    Wow…you guys this was very real. It was painful but you guys are super brave to talk about all this on a podcast. Its oddly very comforting. Everyone has hard times like the things you all are going through right now…but in the social media world it’s easy to feel like everyone else has the perfect life and you’re the only one who is going through tough times. You are all super super talented, hilarious, amazing people and I really hope this is helping to heal some of what’s hurting you guys. Jeff’s honesty at the start of the podcast just feels all too familiar to how I get sometimes…where its almost like things are going so bad like…just the idea of having something you can control is comforting even if you’re 100% sure you’d never actually do it. Raquelle it was really amazing how much you could open up your feelings at the end to the person who was the one who hurt you. Of course none of us know everything that happened but it definitely sounded like those were some things you were going to have to say if you guys can continue to do this. 2018 was a rough time for me in kind of a similar way…I had been dating a girl for a couple years and she was a single mother and even though that relationship had become too toxic to continue and we had both agreed that there was no way we could make things work I had been with her for about 4.5 years…so something i completely underestimated was how much it would hurt losing a kid I had watched grow up from 2 to 7 years old so it really felt like I was losing a kid. We tried to hang out just for the sake of her daughter but my ex really couldn’t handle that. There are many things I think I probably needed to say to my ex that would have helped me heal faster…and I hope it helps you feel better, Raquelle. It’s incredible you are able to do this with whatever happened. You’re way stronger than I think I could be. I’ll spare you MOST of the cliches because it probably wont help at all at this moment except this one…it really does get better. Some days are a step backwards but just keep fighting through them now and one day you’ll just notice something is different…and you’ll realize you aren’t carrying the weight of the hurt you had been carrying for a long time. I’m 100% sure everything is going work out for you and all this is just a stepping stone that leads to bigger and better things. Fuck 2018…I hope 2019 brings all you guys great things because you all deserve them! (Sorry for this essay…but you guys are incredible for being this open and it really struck close to home)

    • AdminPOD says:

      This is humbling & so much the heartbreaking, delicate beauty of being human. Interactions like this are why we do the podcast. Thank you for writing it.

      While I cannot imagine the pain of missing that child, knowing we’ve all felt the pain of someone we love leaving our life is something that connects us all, and there is something healing in remembering that. I hope you have an amazing 2019. -Raquelle