On this Monday’s episode hosts Raquelle Jason and Jeff May might have just burned it all down. We certainly made comic Caleb Synan (@calebsynan) very uncomfortable.

Extra long episode. Enjoy it while you can!

Are you comfortable with your significant other going to dinner &/or a movie alone with a member of the opposite sex (same if you're gay) if it is not work related and you are not invited?

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  • James Chatham says:

    Our family just found out my grandpa had a daughter we never knew about after my cousin did 23andMe!

    Also, I hate to be this guy, but it’s actually Frankenhooker’s MONSTER.

    • AdminPOD says:

      This made me laugh on a day I really needed it. (The Frankenhooker joke, not your family’s sexy grandpa tragedy.) Thank you!

  • burt says:

    As much as your style of debating and winning an argument annoyed me on Unpops, Raquelle, this was really raw and honest. It made me respect your opinion more and reflect on how I act with my partner. I have definitely discredited her opinion, like Jeff did to you with Louis CK, because it was coming from her. Thank you for pushing me to start that conversation with myself.

    • AdminPOD says:

      Welp, it’s up for debate whether you & I would like each other if we ever met, but judging from how much I admire the self awareness & bravery this comment took, I’d like to think we would. Thank you for writing it. -Raquelle