Hey Monday! Join us for PART 2 of this SYMPATHETIC MONSTERS special where hosts Raquelle Jason (@RaquelleJason) and Jess McDonald (@McJesssandwich) dissect (Epstein Pal) Prince Andrew’s disastrous BBC interview where he addresses the child rape allegations against him and somehow, rather hilariously, manages to burn his whole life down.

Obviously, you’ll want to have heard last week’s episode PART 1 of this glorious dumpster fire before diving into this one. You know how sequential parts work. It’s rare that a rich and powerful alleged criminal screws up this royally. *elbows you hard in the ribs*

+ What do these allegations and the fallout mean for President Trump, who also has credible child rape allegations from a victim and witnesses (that took place at Epstein’s home) that were silenced but not dropped in 2016?

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