is a podcast network headed by comics Raquelle Jason and Jeff May, a couple of Charlie-nobodies according to your grandpa, who met doing stand up in the Los Angeles comedy scene.

Both are former hosts of the wildly popular comedy podcasts The Monday Show, You People Are Insane and If You Got A Problem, which ran for several years before they parted ways with that network and started THAT’S GOOD POD.

Raquelle Jason spends her time feeling uncomfortable when her cats catch her looking at videos of other cats online and once interrupted a work talk to compliment the new guy’s wizard impression. Turned out he was just British. She’s a real f-ing J.

The brains behind this team are two rough and tumble, former feral cats, Cat Jeff, and Pants.  They are mostly silent partners but bring the thunder in the form of ankle-biting.

You can follow both hosts on Twitter, Raquelle Jason, and Jeff May or keep in the loop with ThatsGoodPod.

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