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Sympathetic Monsters

THAT’S GOOD POD’s current events comedy podcast. Catch up on enough news to convince people you know what you’re talking about and are one sharp cookie.

Join hosts Raquelle Jason and Jeff May as they bumble through what’s happening in the world, plus a regular rotating panel of guest hosts to crack wise on the state of things. Yes, your favorite characters are here. Clippy! Sass-bitch! Rookie card guy! Who said they weren’t?

The #2 Show

THAT’S GOOD POD presents a fun, family-friendly podcast where each weekly episode opens with our guest detailing the most cringe-worthy, relatable and heartwarming stories about crap that changed their life. Not stuff, actual poop.

Join host Raquelle Jason for this surprisingly clean show with a crap subject matter.

Tune in and realize just how many chances at happiness have been thwarted and life events altered by something as simple as poo.

Enter your poop story for Masterpiece of Crap Theatre HERE for a chance to win our official gift box.

Or by calling us at 724 4THE POD (724.484.3763)
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